I like to put things into buckets or some sort of system. I see member participation in Mormonism as a continuum. You have folks in the middle who are deeply committed and regular participants. As you move to the edges, you have one side which is passive movement from the center and the other side which is active movement from the center. At some point many of those members who are moving away from the center get too far from the center and leave the Church. Those on the passive side seem to slowly withdraw or go less active over time – usually for a variety of reasons (perhaps lack of commitment, no friends, no support at home, etc.) but not necessarily due to deep doctrinal discontent. On the active side, people seem to take one of two routes. First are those that were firmly in the center, then suddenly start reading or learning about the history of the Church (not the whitewashed version from Sunday School) and their testimonies are shaken and they leave. I know quite a few people in this camp. Second are those who slowly drift from the center as they continue to learn and study things. One day they find themselves so far from the center that they just give up and leave feeling there is no place for them in the Church. While this is simplistic, it captures the experiences I have seen with those who have left the Church or are moving away from the center. What do you think? Where are you on the continuum?