As I’ve watched the news the last few days, I’ve thought that Democrats must be thanking God on their knees for the weather. I would be….takes attention from Republicans and necessitates them to mute their enthusiasm for Romney; makes President Obama look more presidential. He does look presidential and he sure got out on top of it which Bush failed to do.

But the Romneys have handled it in a classy fashion. For the most part. Ann Romney’s cheerful wish at the beginning of her speech that no one would be harmed or property destroyed was kind of laughable in its naivete. I would have written that differently and directed her better in her delivery there.

Bless her heart, though, what would it be like to give a speech with so much depending on its success? To know millions are gauging your delivery, your looks and your aplomb? I’d need Depends. Donna Brazile said she didn’t think any woman’s mind had been changed by the speech. I agree. I think I have the same reservations about Romney as many women and I’m a bit insulted at the obvious pitch in Ann and Chris Christie’s speech. Do they really mean it?

That being said, and having my Mormon perspective, her speech communicated what we believe about women and it’s kind of sad that others won’t be able to see that. I suspect the line ” a BIT more time with the kids” will take heat. Women want a LOT more time. I don’t think she should apologize for their success and they worked for what they have, but they missed a sound bite moment, I think. I can’t think of it right now, but I’ll work on it.

All in all, she did a good job. She’s beautiful and that red dress stood out! I SO wish Condoleezza Rice was the vice presidential candidate, but I’m glad she’s part of the process.

I subscribe to Time magazine—one of the many accidents in my life, never mind. The issue this week spotlighted Mitt and Paul Ryan and the article about Mitt was totally complimentary. I kept wondering “is Time a conservative magazine?” I was impressed with Mitt Romney after reading it, especially the part where he refused to deal in guns, even after he was urged again and again to do so. In this article, he comes across as careful, honest, and very very good at his job. I look forward to reading what Time has to say about the president.

I am truly undecided. I’m almost tempted not to even vote since my vote won’t count for much in Utah. Bill and I joke about having an Obama sign on the west side of our lawn and a Romney sign on the east side; that might not be such a joke. What I’m looking for is an indication that should Romney win, we’ll go back to the dark ages on social issues. We’ll see.

Oh, I loved Mia Love’s speech. She’s getting my vote and her sign’s going in my yard. But I’ve noticed a personal trend of voting for the woman whenever there’s an election, my own bit of feminism.

Chris Christie, if he’d lose 150 lbs. he’d be dangerous, only because he’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

I saw Marco Rubio on GMA this morning and thought, “damn, he’s articulate.” There’s a way of speaking that speaks to people—Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan had it!–and there’s a way of speaking over people—that’s Mitt Romney.

I’ll be back after the Democratic convention.