As you may remember, I recently threw a fit about not getting any tv channels beyond three fuzzy PBS stations and announced we were getting cable. We did and I am so glad we have it. I have indulged in all kinds of great tv shows, movies and musicals and I have even watched a bit of the BYU channel so Heavenly Father wouldn’t strike me down for being a complete heathen because I did watch an episode of Honey Boo Boo on reality tv.

I just watched a whole bunch of episodes of the reality show Long Island Medium. The show features a woman who can communicate with dead people and she then gives living people whatever message the dead person wants to give. I’m such a sucker for this show. I watched an episode last night that just hand me bawling like a baby. I so want this to all be true and possible.

In the Mormon faith we have a rich history in the early church of speaking with tongues, visions, prophecies, etc. that has morphed into being as mainstream as any other American white bread church. The only chance you have of anything colorful being said over the pulpit is on Fast and Testimony Sundays and when it does happen, everyone just assumes medication was recently changed.

Do we believe in having the gift of mediumism? I think I do. For all our talk about the veil separating the living and the dead being very thin, this would fit into the category of having a Spiritual Gift, right?

My brother Rex, died in 1999 from a brain tumor. Before he passed he promised he would come back to me. I waited anxiously in the days after his death, assuming he would come to me in my sleep. One night I was unable to sleep because I was struck with terror at the thought he would come back and I was inexplicably afraid. When Rex didn’t appear I thought my fear was blocking him. As the years have passed, I put the thought of him coming back to me out of my mind. The show Long Island Medium reminded me. I know that is why I cried while I watched it.

I don’t believe Mormons have a lock on the afterlife. I don’t believe that if you aren’t in the Celestial Kingdom together that no family and friend association will occur. I believe we will see our beloved pets again, too.

Am I a crazy radical on this? It isn’t something I can take a poll in Sunday School about. If I tried, people would assume my medication needs to be changed. Thank goodness for the internet.

And if mediumism is true, do you know any? Do we have a Mormon version hanging out in Utah? I would love to hear what a Mormon medium has to say and I would want to be their friend so they could channel all my people who have passed. Wouldn’t that be so fun?

I might be more excited about doing genealogy work if there really was a Mormon medium. Right now my excuse is I am a bit too busy dealing with living people. The dead folks are just going to have to wait their turn.