Last Sunday I watched a bit of an interview of Mitt and Ann Romney on their campaign bus. They were asked a question regarding their lack of empathy for the less fortunate. She responded that her MS had given her empathy and the notion that they lacked empathy was ridiculous.

Which statement was lacking in empathy itself. I am sympathetic (not empathetic) to her struggle with MS and I empathize with anybody who has chronic health issues, but it’s becoming laughable how the Romneys toss out MS every time someone suggests he can’t understand the poor or the minorities of America.

She should have said “You know, it’s true that we haven’t experienced deep true sorrow or horrible want. We’ve never been hungry or cold. I realize that I am blessed, despite experiencing some of the trials of any wife and mother. I cannot imagine, for instance, the anguish of a woman who is already living at the poverty level, who receives a diagnosis similar to mine. I do not for one minute believe that my health issues qualify me to speak for the less fortunate.

But I am just as human as any other woman in America and I’m not living my life with blinders on. I struggle at times with a kind of survivors guilt when I consider the gut wrenching situations of the less fortunate in our country; my heart goes out to them.”

I don’t know what else, but she needs to work on that.