The news today included a story about a papyrus from the 4th century AD that indicated Jesus had a wife. While no one will state that this “proves” Christ was married, it has serious implications for the Christian world.

You can read one such article dealing with these implications here:

I’ve heard this theory discussed among church members in the past. I can’t recall ever hearing it addressed in an actual Sunday school class and I don’t believe there is any official doctrine on this (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong), but most members with whom I’ve talked about this possibility seem to agree that not only is it possible that Christ was married, he would have to be married at some point (whether in this life or the next) to achieve the Celestial kingdom. The new and everlasting covenant of marriage is required for all just like baptism. Christ was baptized to fulfill the law so it would stand to reason (in my mind, at least) that He would also have to partake of this covenant.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this new story today. What about you? Does Christ as a husband, father, and “family man” change how you feel about your Savior?