One of my pet peeves in the Church is whenever there is a discussion on a particular topic that does not seem to be going down the traditional lines of Church belief or the teacher is feeling uncomfortable as someone seems too “lively”, they bring up 3 Nephi and how we are to have no contention. It happened last week in our High Priests Group when we were having a rather lively discussion about this talk that Elder Nelson gave. There were aspects that were not doctrinal and his opinion (like the silly comparison of the Big Bang Theory to an explosion in a print shop). Several of us, who are scientists, said that he was wrong and that he made too simple and silly an analogy to comment on. Others discussed the embellishment of some of the pioneer stories and how that was wrong. There were some other areas of disagreement between folks. I found it both entertaining and enlightening in a good way. I don’t think anyone crossed a line – no one attacked Elder Nelson or his position or the core doctrine. At the end of the lesson, the teacher then reprimanded us for being contentious, then promptly closed the lesson. I think this is the wrong approach – aren’t we here to learn and challenge each other? I guess no one has quoted this scripture to Harry and Mitt given they are in quite a cat fight. Does this fight hurt the Church? Should they back down? Personally, I find it interesting given Harry seems to be the attack dog here.