I wasn’t going to post anything on the internet about this, but it is 3am and I woke up with a start. I’m not going back to sleep anytime soon, so I decided I needed to come clean and reach out to my knowledgeable ‘net friends. Here goes:

You know those commercials on tv from lawyers who say “If you have been hurt in an accident, don’t settle with the insurance. Call us and we will fight for your rights?” Yeah, those lawyers.
I’m being sued by one of them.
A few months ago I got hit by a motorcycle rider. He broke his pelvis. Yesterday a Sheriff dude showed up at my house and served me court papers. I am being sued in civil court by the motorcycle rider. I have 20 days to file a response with the court. I don’t even know exactly what the papers mean, but they do say in capital, underlined print to get legal council.
Anyone out there in ‘Netland have experience in dealing with this kind of situation?

My car insurance company thinks I didn’t cause the accident and is headed to Arbitration with my accident. I don’t think I am at fault and am headed to traffic court in Dec. to fight the ticket I got for improper lane usage. I have a witness to the accident who says it wasn’t my fault.

Now what and how messy/expensive can these legal fights get?

I may not sleep again for a year.

The line for bonafide lawyers willing to help me, please form a line to the right.

The line for people who have been through this and can tell me what to do, please form a line to the left.

Everyone who wants to reach out and hug me, bring chocolate, or otherwise make me feel better, please form a line in the middle.

If you only knew the rest of the crappola Rob and I have/are currently dealing with, you would know this legal stuff is officially our tipping point.

Last night, while out late night grocery shopping to get away from our lovely grown children who have all moved back home, Rob asked me in the bread aisle why God is punishing us. I laughed and replied, “It seems pretty obvious we are supposed to be learning something from this experience.” Rob asked what we could possibly need to learn. I said, ” People are stupid.” Rob put a dessert for stress eating into the cart and said, “Word.”