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Weird Spiritual Gifts

It happened again last night. I can’t predict it or guide it with my worry or anxieties. I can’t go to sleep praying, “Heavenly Father, Jennifer needs a needs a new coat and I don’t have the money for it. Help me find one.” It doesn’t work that way. At least, it hasn’t so far.

All I know is a few times a year I will have a dream and in my dream I am in a specific store, sometimes in a particular department, finding things my family needs at super cheap prices. Because of this weird phenomon, which I choose to believe is a spiritual gift, I have scored socks, shoes, shirts, pants, what-have-you all at last clearance prices. Read more »

Detachment Is Needed

O.k, – I hate to air dirty laundry in public, but once again I need advice. I am stuck and I haven’t found one book written for this situation.

As you figured out from my last post (the BEST family photo you’ve ever seen, I’m sure), I have a daughter who is divorced. My adorable granddaughter is from that temple marriage (1)

The kids have been divorced for a whole month and my ex-son-in-law is planning on getting married to his new cute, naive girlfriend pretty darn quick. Read more »

Gathering for the Holidays

The bishop stopped by last evening to check on us because we didn’t go to church yesterday. We explained that we weren’t there because we were at the nursing home taking family pictures.

Sunday morning was the only time everyone could be at same place at the same time. I didn’t have a problem missing Sunday services to make this picture stuff happen because I have been harassed for months by my elderly parents about getting it done and I just can’t take it anymore. Read more »

Thanks Given To All, Especially Gordon Jump – The Best Temple Actor EvER.

So THIS is what those Feminists are Complaining About

I am not one of THOSE feminists. I don’t care to “hold the priesthood.” Baby blessings that are really Father’s blessings don’t kill my soul even a little bit. As a young woman, I did not envy the young men passing the sacrament, advancing through the priesthood ranks, or emptying the trash cans after church. One of my more classically feminist friends used to tell me how sorely she wished the Relief Society presidency ALSO sat on the stand during Sacrament Meeting so the congregation would have a visual representation of all the work women do in the Church–I thought that sounded kind of crazy and would MUCH rather have fewer people sit up front than more. But today my Sacrament Meeting was kind of a feminist nightmare, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with content.
Read more »

Sue M./Left Field—–Susan M. Huh? Confusing online friendships…

It’s an interesting and a bit awkward situation when we meet people we’ve become acquainted with on-line in real life. Let me see, I’ve met: Cathy Cann and Bridget of “Life in Red Shoes” (awesome women, that wasn’t awkward, for me, anyway); Heather (I can’t remember which Heather she was, but we’d both recently read the same book—I don’t think she wanted me to hug her. I’m a hugger); Marta Silver (THAT wasn’t awkward at all, Marta’s the easiest person to be around on the planet); Sara (I can’t remember the name of her blog, but she focused on mental health issues); a random John and Amira (that was awkward, but for me it was because Bill and I were so unhappy at the time. John, I still feel guilty about that chocolate bar you gave me because I really didn’t like it); and Brian Gibson, who absolutely rocks and has the warmest personality. I think that’s all. Read more »

Did you know?……

I have recently renewed my interest in the Holocaust. I pretty much traumatize myself every few years by immersing in, and re-reading, books about the Holocaust.

This time, something struck me and I want to share it. There were no camps in Belgium, Bulgaria or Denmark. One, Westerbok, in Holland. The other camps were spread around Europe, with, of course, the most in Germany and Poland. Read more »

Basically, goal setting kind of sucks, but maybe not totally.

I’m actually enjoying the Deseret News I get on Saturdays; it’s not the real Deseret News. I don’t know how to explain it. We get the Church News and then a section of Deseret News, which is mostly editorials (Daniel Peterson figures prominently). I don’t always read them carefully (what else is new) and parts bother me, but still…

I was caught by this headline “Goals Gone Wild” so I have read that, which was in last Saturday’s paper (actually dated Sunday, Nov 4). The author, Michael De Groote, points out the many flaws of goal setting and how goal setting can be self defeating, taken to a fault. He discusses how some goals motivate us to accomplishments for the wrong reasons. Read more »

Vanity, thy name is Baby Boomer…..

I posted something on FB about my longing for a lot of money to pay for extensive plastic surgery and my friend, Renee Thurber, sent me this experience from her own life. I think it’s worth a read:

Virtue would go far if vanity did not keep it company.
~Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I am a vain woman. Heck, I was a vain kid. on the morning of my very first day of kindergarten while I was primping before the mirror I felt a little confused so I asked my mom “am I pretty, or cute?”. obnoxious, i know. and the thing is – this was a serious question for me, one that I felt was weighty and consequential and deserved an honest answer. (Now, I find it amusing that my wisdomic mom’s response irritated me a bit – actually her cavalier answer absolutely annoyed me. “well, you look just fine Nay. and I’d say you’re pretty-cute!”) Read more »

It is That Time of Year Again

My ward had its annual Halloween party a few days ago. It was a lovely affair, full of costumes, games and candy for the kids. Read more »