It’s an interesting and a bit awkward situation when we meet people we’ve become acquainted with on-line in real life. Let me see, I’ve met: Cathy Cann and Bridget of “Life in Red Shoes” (awesome women, that wasn’t awkward, for me, anyway); Heather (I can’t remember which Heather she was, but we’d both recently read the same book—I don’t think she wanted me to hug her. I’m a hugger); Marta Silver (THAT wasn’t awkward at all, Marta’s the easiest person to be around on the planet); Sara (I can’t remember the name of her blog, but she focused on mental health issues); a random John and Amira (that was awkward, but for me it was because Bill and I were so unhappy at the time. John, I still feel guilty about that chocolate bar you gave me because I really didn’t like it); and Brian Gibson, who absolutely rocks and has the warmest personality. I think that’s all.

I’ve envied those of you who meet regularly and eat Brie and party. And felt I might not fit in at those get-togethers, being old and uneducated and lacking in couth. Still, I envied.

You know how facebook suggests people you might friend? I saw Susan Malmrose’s name on the list, so I friended her and she accepted! Then she posted about moving to St. George and I messaged her that we needed to get together. Last week when I went to Vegas, I stopped and met her at Kneader’s. It was pretty funny. I asked one woman “are you Susan?” She said, “no, but there’s a woman sitting out on the bench over there.” So I asked that woman “are you Susan?” She replied, “No….and I’m not Arlene, either!” Susan was inside waiting for me.

We ordered and as we were getting our drinks, Susan asked, “so do you blog, then?” (or something close) and I replied that I blogged as annegb on MM. I asked her about moving from Louisiana to California and then to Utah. She corrected me, saying she’d never lived in Louisiana. That brought me up short. I was certain there was a Susan from Louisiana who’d met her husband, Left Field, online. I thought that Susan was the same Susan who had a blog with a lot of music references. Guess not. They’re two different people….who knew? We laughed about it and then I spent some time griping about DKL and ESO and ARJ and Daniel, WHO ARE AWOL!!!

She said she’d thought I was related to her old friends from Seattle when I friended her and didn’t realize I was a blogger. Oh! Mcq, if she says I said you were my lover, she’s probably exaggerating.

I told her to come see me and we agreed we’d have to do that again. “That wasn’t too awkward” I thought, as I left the parking lot. About twenty minutes later, she texted me “I just figured out who you are! I thought you said ‘angie.’

Well, aging brings a lot of confusion. I went on to Vegas and met the real Angie, who comments at MM (I visited with her and her husband like we’d known each other forever, no awkwardness at all).

I have a list of bloggers who live in the northeast who I plan to mooch off when I fly back there to visit (you know who you are). It’s possible I have a bunch of you mixed up. Oh well, brace yourself for this little old lady to wander into your lives.