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Meet the Press’s one-liners

I enjoy watching Meet the Press. I chose it long ago because of Tim Russert and I’m okay with David Gregory. He gets accused of being too nice and friendly, but I like that. Both men have a cordial air; they’re not into attacking. I seldom watch FOX news or MSNBC or even NBC because I don’t like being yelled at or that sarcastic, “I’m smarter than common people” look on Matt Lauer’s face when he interviews conservatives.

I record it and sometimes I miss it, but this morning I listened to parts of David Gregory’s interview with the President. He still reminds me a bit of Jimmy Carter, but he is a lot more effective than Jimmy Carter was and less preachy. Read more »

My Christmas Prayer of 2012

I just survived a terrible Christmas. In the grand scheme of things I know the petty problems and annoyances of my life are nothing but exactly that, petty annoyances. No one died, no one is dying, I am not homeless or in fear of becoming homeless (Well, that part isn’t true. I always have a hidden anxiety about losing a job and becoming homeless. It is a by-product of my unstable childhood. Yawn.)

No, this Christmas dragged the bottom of the well of nuisance events because of the new dance our family is doing as a by-product of divorce. It is true what they say. Whatever affects you, affects everyone around you. Especially in a family. Child visitation schedules are par for the course when parents part ways and it brings up all the weaknesses in the original relationship. Watching/helping our daughter ride the waves of emotions as she suffered her first Christmas as a parent without her child beside her, made Rob and I ever more grateful we have never had to face the challenge of divorce. It is truly not for the faint of heart. I have a new level of respect for everyone who has ever been through the hell of divorce, double that respect for divorcing with children involved. It is terrible. Read more »

Jessie Went to Church

Bill is the ward mission leader; it’s challenging for him spiritually in a way his previous callings have not been. Recently in our region (I don’t know, maybe the whole church), there was a day set aside for people to invite their less active and non-Mormon friends. Bill worried about the logistics and the talk he would give. It was actually a nice Sunday meeting. The spirit was surprisingly strong (surprising to me, a skeptic). Read more »

No Tears in Heaven

We’ve lost many children in our ward in many different tragic ways. Those of us who were close to those children feel their loss deeply; there is an empty space where they used to be. Our lives were forever changed by their deaths. But we lost them one at a time. I cannot imagine the pain (and it is a terrible physical pain)the people of Newton, Connecticut are enduring right now. God bless them. God bless them.

Women in Pants

A quick thought on this Sunday’s upcoming “Wear Pants to Church Day.”

I know that there are women out there that support this idea but who for whatever reason won’t wear pants themselves this Sunday. I think this is a bit sad. I can imagine a scenario in which the not-so-brave feminists of a ward show up hoping against hope to see one of their sisters in pants. They all look quickly at one another wondering where all the feminists are, only to find skirts and dresses. They’ll come away discouraged thinking that there are no like-minded sisters in their ward. Of course they’ll be mistaken. Many are of exactly the same mind: looking for those brave enough to wear pants but unwilling to do so themselves.

I encourage anyone who has any desire to do so to wear pants, and be a beacon to those in your ward that won’t. I know I will. And my darkest shirt.

The End is Near

When I was a kid, my adoptive LDS family followed the prophet. With 7-year old wonder I inspected the pantry of my new family’s house, in awe of the rows of home canned tomatoes, meat and eggs. Read more »