Saturday evening I got an email notifying me ward and stake Sunday meetings have been cancelled due to an expected overnight ice storm that will make the roads dangerous.

I am grateful for the decision being made ahead of the storm, instead of waiting until early Sunday morning. I have lived in small wards in rural area that never, ever cancelled meetings and took great pride in that. No matter how treacherous the travel, Heavenly Father would be waiting for you at church on Sunday.

I never liked that kind of pressure. Joking comments would congratulate the brave souls who risked the drive to make it to church. They were faithful enough to be true pioneers, not pampered modern people who don’t know how to be tough.

I am so glad I now live in a civilized ward and stake that understands someone wrapping their car around a tree while skidding on ice or an elderly person breaking a hip while falling, or a mother struggling with a newborn carrier, diaper bag, primary lesson and other toddlers aren’t whimpy, soft non faithfuls who can’t handle a bit of bad weather.

What about you? Does your ward have a policy of calling storms early or do they have a Never, Ever policy for cancelling church meetings?