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Cruising, Mormon-Style

I have been watching with fascination this whole week as the Carnival Cruise Ship has limped home from Mexico with severely compromised plumbing, electrical and who knows what else. Read more »

Bowing Out Gracefully

So the news of the morning is that the Pope of the Catholic church is resigning because he figures he is too old and a younger man could do a better job. Read more »

Target Audience

The sister who taught Relief Society this morning included her own conversion story, which always makes me perk up and listen. She referred to herself as a “media referral;” apparently her introduction to the Gospel was through a commercial for a free Book of Mormon during an initial run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I can tell you the natural consequences of such a media buy: 20 years later, our Lorenzo Snow lesson on conversion was taught through an extended Hobbit metaphor. It was fun.

Truely, I love the idea (don’t tell me I’m wrong) of people at Church headquarters deciding Trekkies are their most receptive TV audience, even though it might lead to an extra-ordinary share of sci-fi fan converts. If they were asking you, what TV shows’ audience would you go after with church commercials?

What Would Jesus Do?

A few of the sisters in my ward are participating in a women’s interfaith prayer group and discussion. I haven’t gone yet but it sounds interesting. While I was growing up I got the message it was dangerous to mix with other churches. Read more »


I recently watched a talk show on tv that featured a celebrity who’s career is doing very well lately. This person said that really, anyone who wanted it bad enough could have the kind of success he has found. Read more »