A few of the sisters in my ward are participating in a women’s interfaith prayer group and discussion. I haven’t gone yet but it sounds interesting. While I was growing up I got the message it was dangerous to mix with other churches.

I notice our church doesn’t seem to participate in formal interfaith councils, at least not in a way that I would know about. I’ve never heard anyone report in ward council meetings about attending interfaith meetings. I haven’t ever heard of a Bishop or Stake President speaking at a meeting or seen anyone given a calling to officially represent the LDS church at interfaith events.

I have a sister-in-law who’s current calling is assistant to the Public Relations person in her area. They seem to bake a lot of goodies for city council members. She hasn’t said they do anything with other churches.

Today I read this story online :

Lutheran pastor apologizes for involvement in Sandy Hook service

and felt nothing but sad. The pastor was acting in a way that I think was respectful and sincere. I am sorry he has to apologize for doing good.
Does our church have the same policy of not associating with other churches, even when it seems the obvious right thing to do?