So the news of the morning is that the Pope of the Catholic church is resigning because he figures he is too old and a younger man could do a better job. He is being hailed as “noble in his sacrifice” to recognize he isn’t up to the task at hand. I imagine it is a difficult thing to give up a position of such power. It has been over 600 years since a Pope resigned so it is a big deal for the Catholics.

I know in our church, we don’t have a history of prophets resigning. They are in ’til death do we part. I was a kid in Arizona when President Benson’s mental faculties came into question and I remember his grandson, Steve Benson, a very popular political cartoonist for one of the largest Az. newpapers left the church over it. Steve felt the church should acknowledge the prophets failing condition and his grandfather should resign. Neither happened.

It is interesting how churches deal with the inevitability of old age and infirmity. I think most do as we do, keep propping up the leader until they finally die.

Already there is speculation the Pope resigned for more sinister reasons than old age, but I have to admit I admire the dude. Being willing to walk away from such a powerful position is quite remarkable. I have to admit if I was in such a high position, I think they would have to drag my cold, lifeless body out. I wouldn’t want to give up the cook, maids and wardrobe help.