I have been watching with fascination this whole week as the Carnival Cruise Ship has limped home from Mexico with severely compromised plumbing, electrical and who knows what else.

Thousands of people stuck for days on a badly damaged cruise ship sounds just terrible. Not life-altering, but still no fun and definitely not the vacation those people thought they were going to get.

I couldn’t help but think that as the news leaked out about nasty sewer problems, etc. that if it was a ship full of Mormons, it would be a very different experience. For instance, I’m sure within a day the whole ship would have been split up into wards and those wards would be up and functioning within another day. Food would be organized, rationed appropriately and personal hygiene stations created.

Think of the Mormon collective experience gained at years of YW camps, Boy Scout camps, all stake youth activities and stake service projects. We know how to easily organize large groups of people into cohesive groups.

Heck, with the above -average education Mormons have, we probably would have been able to repair the ship and salvage the trip.

I take comfort thinking that if the chips were down, I can join forces with my fellow saints and take care of business. Isn’t it great to be a Mormon?