Today was Fast and Testimony meeting in our ward. An enthusiastic 8 year old boy bore his testimony about how today was the first time that he is fasting like a grown up since he just got baptised and he decided it was time. He then went on to explain that he is following his daddy’s example of fasting for three hours on Sunday and it is hard! I almost choked trying not to laugh out loud.
Good thing Rob and I were sitting way in the back, practically in the cultural hall. My obnoxious sputterings went largely unnoticed.
I was trying to remember if our kids had ever said anything from the pulpit that embarrassed us and I can’t remember anything. I was blessed with kids who were never in a hurry to speak in front of the whole church, so that helped a lot. I feel sorry for parents of kids who are natural talkers, like the eight year old today.
I bet when he was in nursery and Sunbeams he regularly outted his parents in Primary class.
Have your kids ever said something at the pulpit that forced you do make a public statement of clarification? I felt for that boy’s father as he made his way to the pulpit to congratulate his sweet son and explain that fasting is an ongoing process and there is still much to be learned. He’s a good dad and his son has a lot to admire.
And I was glad it wasn’t me.