When I was a young visiting teacher and hardly any mom worked in our neighborhood, we just picked a day and went. Without calling first. It seems a bit crazy now, but it worked.

I don’t remember when calling and setting appointments to visit became the status quo. I don’t remember when visiting became a more formal affair, even just between friends. My friends didn’t call to ask if it was convenient, they just showed up.

Boy, I haven’t done that in years. But I did the other day. And it went pretty darn well.

I had been gone a lot helping Sarah with the baby; then I got the flu. My companion had also had a busy month and it was the 23rd of the month. I called her to see if we could go the next day, but she was going out of town (she has four kids and a ton of grandkids, too).

Something came over me Wednesday morning and I threw together some bags of candy and out the door I went. The first lady was a young mother of four (twins!) who is secretary in Primary. I thought I’d just leave her the candy, but she invited me in. Turns out she was feeling pretty desperate and needed to talk. I knew how she felt, I remember being totally overwhelmed and exhausted. I ended up staying over an hour, at her request.

I had a similar positive experience at the next house.

And I thought “maybe we’re complicating this visiting teaching idea.” Now I know some of you are thinking “don’t EVER drop in on me” and I don’t like surprise visitors much anymore either. But sometimes, it could be a God thing…..just sayin’.