This year we had all female speakers in sacrament and a female duet musical number. We did have a male youth speaker who was assigned to speak about the Priesthood and a Father’s role in the Priesthood. The young man started out reading the company line about how a Father presides in the home, gives blessings, etc. etc. Then the brave boy said that is all nice, except if you are in a family like his where his dad left the church years ago and doesn’t have the Priesthood anymore. He talked for a few more minutes and sat down.
Then we had a woman speak about….the Priesthood. Then came the musical number which is always a welcome break. Then we had the last two women speak about….the Priesthood.
The good thing is all three women ended their talks by giving a shout out to all the women wishing them a happy Mother’s Day.
Rob and I agreed the theme of the meeting made no sense, but we always appreciate subversives who do the right thing.
And, it still came nowhere near as cringe-worthy as the Mother’s Day Sunday meeting years ago where we listened to a High Priest complain about his wife who used to be really nice and sweet, but since menopause has been a nightmare to live with.
Since I try to keep my standards for life as low as possible when others are involved, I’ll take today.