Our family has news!. Our Voldermort, my daughter’s ex-husband and father to the World’s Best Grandbaby (who is 19 months old) is getting remarried. At least, he is farther along with this latest fiancée. He has been engaged twice (that we know of) since December of last year. The divorce from my daughter was official last November. He got engaged the first time immediately after the divorce, since he had been dating her while he was still married to my daughter.
This time, the happy couple is planning on a temple wedding at the end of August in the Denver, Colorado temple.

Voldermort is expecting to get a temple clearance*. We haven’t seen any paperwork yet. I know my daughter is going to have some to fill out. I can’t see logistically how this is going to work with the timeline Voldermort is expecting.

My questions are: How long is the average turn around for a temple clearance*? Once my daughter has done the paperwork for Voldermort, does that mean she is free of him too, or does she still have to apply for her own temple cancellation someday? (Our stake president says she can’t get a temple divorce until she has another man lined up. Right now, pigs will fly before she ever thinks getting married again is a good idea. Can’t say I blame her. Her experiences with Voldermort were epic.) If Voldermort can’t complete the paperwork by his August temple wedding date, can he go ahead and get married in the temple for time only? Can people who have never been temple sealed before (Voldermort’s fiancée is a young BYU Idaho chickee who has NO IDEA what she is stepping into. I wish her the best.) get married in the temple for just time?

My daughter isn’t interested in creating barriers for Voldermort’s future life. She doesn’t want to stop this wedding, she just wants to be cut free as soon as possible.
The whole thing is nuts in my opinion. I can’t imagine working in the church offices in SLC, processing the paperwork for temple cancellations and remarriages. I bet they read soap-opera style stories every day. I know Rob and I feel like we are living one at our house.

PS. If you read this post as a cautionary tale about Internet Dating and the importance of properly vetting the person you are considering marrying for the rest of your life, then you have fulfilled Nephi’s admonition about reading things and “…likening it unto yourself.” Good job.

*Thanks NewlyHousewife, I forget they’re two different things.