I’ve given my stake president, formerly my bishop, a fair amount of grief over the years. I bellyache from time to time about whatever bugs me. Sometimes I’ve cried about my insensitive leaders and felt marginalized.

He’s from Lincoln County, Nevada, as am I and we’ve often talked about the similarities in our lives. Once, I referred to CS Lewis’ comment on how God sends people into our lives and he said “he made that movie, The Ten Commandments!” and I felt vastly superior. And used that incident to validate myself (and rightly so).

As some of you know, I’ve objected to our stake’s policy of not having women give the opening prayer for many years. I rejoiced when that sister gave the opening prayer in conference at Sunday’s closing session.

And I had to open my big mouth. The next Sunday, I was sitting in front as usual in order to lead the music. The stake president came in and sat down in front. I went over and I quietly said, “Hey, Cal, did you notice that a WOMAN gave the opening prayer in general conference?” He nodded and I said, “well, you should know that God and the prophet listen to me.”

This morning, I got a call from the stake clerk asking me to give the opening prayer in the Saturday night session of stake conference.

And I wish I’da kept my big mouth shut.