Two modesty creep anecdotes too awesomely awful not to share:

Background: My and my wife’s good friend takes her three-year-old daughter to the rec. center in [the city in Utah where we now reside] for swimming lessons (we take our kids there too). Her daughter wears a bikini (!) to class. Both of these incidents happened on the same day:

Story 1:

After the swimming lesson, my friend goes to the locker room and puts her daughter in one of the shower stalls while she rummages around in her bag for her little girl’s clothes. Naturally, she leaves the curtain open because one likes to keep an eye on a three-year-old in a public place. Another mom walks by and sees my friend’s daughter, audibly gasps in surprise, and asks her where her mother is. At this point, my friend just assumes that this woman hasn’t matched her up with her daughter (because my friend is white and her daughter is of a different ethnicity, so this sort of thing happens to her all the time) and is merely looking out for her in case she is lost / unattended / whatever. My friend is used to this, so she waves her hand and says, “I’m right here.”

But no — this was not what this woman was worried about. She curtly informs my friend that she is appalled to see her three-year-old’s nakedness on display because this woman’s seven-year-old son could possibly have seen her. Three levels of crazy here: 1) There is a posted sign asking parents not to bring children of the opposite sex over the age of five into the locker room, so her son shouldn’t have been in there anyway. 2) What mother obsessed with protecting her son from the female form would ever bring him into a locker room, where women of all ages have every right to walk around naked? Now, maybe he was special needs or something (nothing was obviously apparent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything), in which case bringing him in might be understandable in some circumstances… but it’s still insane to get after people for being naked in a locker room. And 3) — for the love, the girl is three years old. She could swim naked in the pool and still not be immodest.

Story 2 (again, this happened the same day):

This same little girl had become friends with a boy in her class. My friend overhears this boy ask his mother if her daughter can come over to play at their house. The mother responds: “You mean the girl in the bikini? I don’t think so. She obviously doesn’t have the same standards as we do.”


And to think I just bought a house here.