Did you check out The New York Times today?

If not, the gist of it is a emeritus area authority from Sweden (currently residing in Spain) by the name of Hans Mattsson has publicly stated he has had a crisis of faith. Go read the article, it’s quite enjoyable simply for its honesty.

So who was at fault? Since some members frequently discussed about on blogs like to pinpoint exact reasons why one person left the church but they themselves have stuck around.

Was it the church for not being open about it’s shady past? Was it Mattsson for not looking into this when he was growing up? Mattsson’s parents for not teaching him? Mattsson again for not having such a firm testimony as to handle the weight of mountains?*

Do you think it was right for Mattsson to hold sessions with members (with local bishops approval) discussing doubts? Will the church businesses take his program guide and run with it–turning it into the latest version of EFY/Time Out For Women?

I think Mattsson touched a growing percentage of members who are learning the LDS version of white-washed history textbooks in public schools. I know at least within my own Sunday School class when I was a youth, only three out of the eight are active. Just going by my class alone, 60% of those youth have left.

I also don’t think his story is unique. He is the first to come out publicly, and I hope more are to come. Doubts themselves do not lead to inactivity, and active members need to know that.

*Just to be sure everyone understands, that last question was a joke. I do not believe anyone’s testimony is suppose to be able to handle the weight of mountains–cause then it would be knowledge, and that’s not what testimonies are.

**I apologize for the factual error, and it has been since corrected.