British actors in a bar NYC

First of all, kids, I am the most un-photogenic person on earth, so pay no attention to the lady in the picture.

When Sarah and I went to New York in 2005, she became very ill. We cut our trip drastically because we spent the better part of two days in Bellevue’s ER. I pushed her in a wheelchair to visit the Natural History Museum and we really had to pace ourselves. We couldn’t get a flight home until the day before we’d planned to go anyway and it was double the cost, so we mostly hung out at our hotel.

I fell in love with New York, loved the blunt goodness of the people. But it was pretty stressful. One evening, Sarah had gone to sleep and I asked the doorman where I could find shepherd’s pie. I needed comfort food. He directed me to the pub next door and I sat down near the fireplace and ordered good old shepherd’s pie.

I noticed these guys sitting near me, having a good time. We’ve made a tradition of taking our pictures with men wherever we travel, so I asked them if I could have a picture with them. “Sure doll!” they said, and asked “You watch our show, do you?”

It turned out they were stars (? maybe they only acted, not starred) in a British comedy and had come to New York for interviews. They were pretty gracious about it when I told them I didn’t watch British TV and had no idea who they were, but that I thought it would be a good picture, me in a bar with three guys and beer bottles.

They were good sports and here’s the picture. Do any of you recognize them? Because I recently became addicted to Downton Abbey and now I’m really curious about what show they were in. And I can’t remember what they said.

It’s kind of sad how excited they were to be recognized which they weren’t really and how nicely they handled that disappointment. Nice guys. Know them?