I first heard this radio sketch on Public Radio’s This American Life show. It was years ago and like all good radio, I was driving in the car when I heard it and didn’t take any notes. I never forgot it, though. It is a story about two hamsters in a cage, waiting on their neglectful owner to feed them and clean their cage. Like all good captured rodents, they knew who buttered their bread and gave them water to drink.

At the beginning, I had no idea where the story was going and I was startled when the comparisons between the human owner of the hamsters and human’s dependence on God for the same substance, water and shelter became clear.

I have to admit, by the time the radio sketch was done, my view on God and his role in my life was forever altered.
Depending on the day, I still find myself thinking about this program and I wonder if I’m not a rodent waiting for my kibbles from a neglectful creature more powerful than me.