As you have figured out, this is a post about my shining star, our Grandbaby Eleanor. Like all grandchildren, she is special and important and rocks our world. She also worries us and keeps us up at night thinking of ways we can help her. We have her on a special diet, give her specific supplements and we are constantly researching what might be helpful to her.

One of the things that we have learned about is Autism Assistance Dogs. They are specially trained dogs that live with and help children with Autism. They calm the child when in public and can help them navigate in a crowd. The dogs can be trained to track their owners if the child runs off ( a very real concern we have for Grandbaby Eleanor.)

We are reaching out and asking for help because although we love Eleanor like crazy, our pocketbooks are not deep enough to pay for the Assistance Dog it has been recommended she have. The dogs cost $5000. We have raised $1600 so far and have planned fund-raising events in our local area. If you are able to help Eleanor, we are grateful. Below is the information on how to make the magic happen.

The Facebook Event Eleanor’s mom is running, click “going” to stay up to date on our progress.

There are two options to donate:

1) Click on the donation link at North Star Foundation and follow the prompts to pay via paypal. After doing this you will need to send an email to Patty (the organization’s president and founder) letting her know the donation is for Eleanor Froh.


2) Mail a check or money order, with Eleanor’s name in the memo line, to:
North Star Foundation
c/o Patty Dobbs Gross
20 Deerfield Lane
Storrs, CT 06268

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