I started reading this article:

Weeping of a Disappointed Womb

off my internet news feed because the title looked interesting. Being a woman, I am generally attuned to female topics and I was assuming this was about female infertility.

I certainly didn’t expect a church history lesson. I also didn’t expect a tie-in to a current Kotex (manufacturer of female menstruation products) marketing campaign.

I don’t know if I should be proud – are Mormons now well-known enough that an article about a 1968 handbook for young women in the church is relevant to the world? Will anyone outside of our church care about or even understand a quote by Brigham Young? If I wasn’t a member, I would be thinking, “Who the heck is Brigham Young and why should his opinion matter?”

The conclusion I have come to is maybe we are starting to be like the Pope of the Catholic church. Lots of people who aren’t Catholic quote the living and deceased Popes (Popes’? Pope’s? Now I’m confused.). I guess I should get used to our old and current Prophets being quoted in articles on every imaginable topic, even women’s menstruation cycles. I predict this will be very bumpy ride for members and nonmembers of our church alike.