Bookslinger sent me the link to this story today: Lawsuit against LDS Church (If this doesn’t work try a copy & paste for this

I hadn’t heard of this story before, but if it’s true, it makes me just so incredibly sad. Some of it doesn’t quite make sense to me and maybe it’s because the family of the abuser was so totally whacked it couldn’t make sense, but I wonder if the reporter got all the facts right.

For instance, he writes:

“After learning of the abuse, Jensen’s parents allegedly banished him from the family home and made him sleep in the backyard but, at the time, allegedly encouraged church families to use their son as a babysitter,”


This, too, is crazy: “The suit alleges that instead of reporting the abuse to authorities or taking action to warn or protect other children, the church, through its agents, took the opposite approach. The suit accuses the church and church leaders of actively covering up the abuse and assisting Jensen in committing further acts by enabling him to babysit for and live with other church families with young children.”

He’s been convicted and sentenced for the abuse, but was only excommunicated August 18 of this year.

My heart hurts for the children and their parents. For the leaders under whose watch this situation occurred. For whatever caused that boy to do what he did.

This is in the lawsuit: “In addition, the suit alleges that the church, through its leaders, has tried to intimidate the families of the children suing the church and has allegedly directed fellow church members to try to convince them to abandon their claims “lest they run afoul of church teachings regarding forgiveness,”

I don’t think I’ll sleep very well tonight.