I will tell you upfront, my husband Rob hates this. He hated it the first time I said it aloud to him and when I told it to our children. We argued about it a few times and I doubt we have resolved our differences about it. I am too tired to poke the sleeping dragon to see if he has finally come around to my way of thinking, so instead I’m going to tell you. Let the fire breathing scorching begin…..

My definition of the Priesthood is: Heavenly Father has given Rob the power and responsibility to serve me and our family.

Earth shattering, right? A longer explanation goes something like this: Rob has the Priesthood and because of that, he has a duty to put my needs and the needs of his family above everything else (Everything else being watching professional wrestling on tv, fishing and whatever time-wasting things there are in the world.) The Priesthood isn’t for Rob. He can’t bless himself. He can only bless others. He is supposed to serve as Christ served. That means he should be nice and polite and encouraging and loving and every other positive thing he can think of. He should ask himself, “What can I do today to make my wife’s life easier? How can I be helpful in the home?”

For all the arguing on the internet about the abuse of priesthood power within the church and if women should also hold the priesthood, I am waiting for someone from the General Conference pulpit to say it like it really is:

The Priesthood is Heavenly Father’s way of officially inviting men to participate in and to be accountable for the well-being of others. That can be in the home, in the church, in the community and in the world. The Priesthood is service.