netflix poster for mm

I’ve watched some of The Walking Dead from time to time and been really grossed out. My word, do they have to show the beasts gobbling down the intestines? Yuk. But the acting is good and the characters compelling so now that I’ve discovered Netflix streaming, I decided I’d start from the beginning. Got hooked, of course. Like the guy above. Geez, it’s like a mental illness.

I still haven’t watched all the episodes, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s another stupid people show (still plan to watch it all, though ;)). The thought occurred to me last night, as I watched under the covers because my grandson was sleeping on his mickey mouse bed on the floor (at least part of the night) and with headphones, that I have the benefit of hindsight and it is a TV show after all, but guys, if this ever happens for real, we must deal with it in a smarter way.

For one thing, they let their kids roam. Who does that when there are zombies all over the place? You do that when you go camping or the park in normal times and you say “stay where I can see you” but NOT when they could be eaten or turned into the undead. They should keep their children safe.

Also, why don’t they jump start some of the myriads of armored vehicles and humvees that are all over the place and drive them instead of an old RV, a van, and a new car that I’m sure is in there for advertising. Four wheel drive crew cab trucks! Heck, even new RVs.

Were I in this nightmare, I’d become a hoarder. They need a quartermaster and a semi to put everything they might need into…..and they never know what they might need. Instead they walk around and look grossed out “this is a graveyard” Lori said in one episode. I thought “who cares? Zombies are going to eat you!”

Why do they go back to stores, pharmacies and other places where they get supplies? Why don’t they take everything in one trip, because, again, you never know when you might need medicine for a UTI, even though right now you need something to perform a delicate operation on a child who’s been shot.

And this is the stupidest thing of all: they make a buttload of noise knowing it will attract the zombies. Even Jews hiding from the Nazis knew not to scream! They run from the zombies screaming their lungs out as if to say “here I am, come and eat me!”

I think they should do all the above and head for an airport or railroad and head north. Pick up a pilot along the way, of course. Go to Seattle and steal a nuclear submarine. Well, there are lots of plot possibilities.

I do wonder where all the zombies are coming from if the zombies eat people. You’d think a few zombies would have just eaten everybody.

I guess it’s not supposed to make sense.