Mormon women have bodies, too

Warning!! The above is a link to actual total nudity; perhaps you will not want to click on it.

Some years back, a group of older British women posed nude in pearls for a calendar to raise money for a charity. I absolutely loved the pictures. Each woman looked lovely; the main focus of the picture was showing their beauty not their nakedness. Our bodies change for the worse as we age and I was heartened.

English Ladies

I was non-judgmental when I heard about the Mormon Women Bare project, expecting the same kind of tasteful artistic interpretation. I was disappointed in that expectation.

Some of the pictures are lovely, but I think they should have added some kind of unifying object, like the pearls. Hats, maybe? The bare nipples and crotch, though, I find offensive and unnecessary to make the statement that was attempted. How does that say “Mormon modesty standards go too far?”

I think if I were doing this project, I might have dressed the women in sleeveless little black dresses with cool hats. Because responding to mincing Molly Mormon statements about modesty by sticking ones’ boobs in my face defeats the purpose. A lot of these pictures look more like National Geographic native pictures than artistic interpretation of womens’ bodies.

I just don’t think the way to convince the brethren their modesty standards are draconion is to pose butt naked in bright lights.

Also, I’m okay with the standards. I’m not okay with preachy bitches telling me my kids shouldn’t wear bikinis, but this project doesn’t represent me or how I would choose to make that point.