Happy New Year! Or for those of you special people who live in Colorado, today should be “Whoaaa Duuuude.” As of today, Colorado residents over 21 can legally buy pot for recreational use.  I am once again thinking of good Mormon folks and how this legal change effects them.


In previous posts, I have asked how Colorado and other states that allow medical marijuana impact church members who have prescriptions from their doctors for the stuff. Using pot because your doctor recommends it is vastly different than legal recreational use.

Pot-infused butter, juice, cookies, bread, peanut butter, candy are being sold in marijuana stores in Colorado.  The cooking possibilities are endless and I fully expect a storm of Cooking with Marijuana books and blogs to begin any second.  I am thinking about how funny it would be to have a Relief Society homemaking class on how to cook with pot.

I once had a RS President tell me that every Sunday morning she took 3 prescription pain killers before church to help her handle  hours of hard pews and uncomfortable chairs. After she told me that, I understood her spacey, not-with-it decision-making that frustrated the heck out of me.  Maybe snacking on a pot muffin would be a better choice for church members dealing with chronic pain, anxiety and other aliments.

What about church members who are farmers growing crops of the now totally legal stuff? Any Word of Wisdom/temple recommend problems for them? Or church members who own or work in pot shops? It  is so interesting to think about and frankly, the world is changing so fast – what with Utah allowing polygamy and same sex marriage and now legalized pot in Colorado I can hardly keep up with the speed my moral compass is being swung around. How are you feeling about all this on the first day of 2014?