I’m probably a day late and a dollar short with this; oh, well. Bill and I haven’t been to the temple since the movie change, to our shame, so last week we drove to St. George, checked into our favorite little motel and headed out.

I love the cleanliness, light and peace of the temple. I feel weight leaving my shoulders as I enter and breathe easier. I was excited and alert as the movie began….then I began to figuratively shake my head in dismay. To quote some valley girl “I was, like, what??” I felt an urge to snicker at the over-acting and I hated the dark tone of the whole thing. The filming, I mean, it’s not beautiful and light in the places where I think it should be and I miss the live shots of the earth.

I can’t put my finger on why Satan bothered me, well, maybe because he came off as such a tool. Satan should be smart and deep. I’ve always agreed with the person who said Wilfred Brimley would make a good Satan. It would be hard for that air-headed punk of a Satan to tempt me into anything. And I’ve always been uncomfortable with any attempt to portray Jesus. I don’t think it’s possible to portray the Savior’s glory and power. Were I making the film, I’d pick somebody with a powerful voice and use fog or bright light or something instead of people attempting to emulate deity.

I slapped myself up the side of the head mentally and tried to avoid blasphemous thoughts while performing sacred ordinances, but it wasn’t easy. I found the film distracting to the spirit and the reason I was there. If I want to watch a bad Lifetime movie, I have satellite TV.

Afterward, Bill and I were eating at a restaurant and he asked me “without discussing anything sacred, what did you think of the new movie?” I replied that I didn’t like it, it made me uncomfortable. That wasn’t true. I hated it. I still hate it. He was okay with it as, I believe, are many. My daughter loves it. Although I asked a friend what she thought and her first response was “I hate it!” She said she’s just going to do initiatory from now on. I won’t go that far but I’m going to have to go to a reverent place in my brain.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that some element among the powers that be is too enamored with celebrity and glitz. I figure I’ll weather it and it’s not forever and I must pray and focus on why I’m in the temple in the first place. But, guys, if you are in the endowment session and hear that sound that people make when they’re trying to restrain a laugh unsuccessfully only to belch out a guffaw, that would be me. It’s okay, you can pretend like you don’t know me. I know Bill will.