Kirby is on my facebook page, either as a friend or sometimes if famous people have too many friends all you can do is like them. His latest column Why I Remain a Mormon, etc…… was, in my opinion, perfect. I echo his sentiments. I shared it and have noticed it popping up all over facebook, with some criticism of his blase attitude.

One woman said it sounded like he didn’t care if the church was true or not and that wasn’t a selling point to her. Thought about that. Thought “who cares?” Who’s trying to sell anything?

Then I realized, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a testimony sealed with super glue, but prefer our way of worship. It doesn’t matter if you just feel comfortable in the Mormon Church. Well, maybe to your bishop in a recommend interview (which I’m more and more thinking is just a silly process).

Stay with me. I doubt very much that most Catholics or Baptists or Presbyterians ask themselves if they’re members of the true church. Muslims, well, sure, but most Christian religions in America don’t even have that discussion. People attend where they are most comfortable and where the worship reflects their beliefs.

So, if you’re like me, or Kirby or Lavina Fielding Anderson (who is excommunicated) and don’t care all that much about the outward pats on the head for our orthodoxy—or lack thereof—-what does it matter if we choose the Mormon way? Who’s going to walk into the chapel and yell at me to leave because I think polygamy was a total crock? It doesn’t affect my day-to-day life in the slightest. Or anybody else’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe. Well, mostly. I believe Kirby believes. Well, mostly. Actually I believe most of us Mormons believe, well, mostly. Except for the ones who are so scared of their shadow that they jump every time somebody even hints maybe our history isn’t completely accurate.

But—barring my becoming a Jew for Jesus—-I can’t imagine practicing religion in any other way. I reject the notion that excommunicated members lose the Holy Ghost and become subject to the devil. I don’t fully understand the logic, either way, but like Lavina, were I excommunicated, I think I’d go on living just the same as I do now.

I’m dashing this off and probably just saying it all wrong, but my answer to my own question is “nope. not very much.”