I consider myself an active member of the church, but I wonder how others in my ward perceive me. Those who’ve known me for years know that I’m pretty orthodox, a bit flaky, but still…….

I’ve played with the new people, though. Our ward split—actually added area—while Bill and I were separated. I tell new people I’ve been in jail or rehab, that I’m inactive. I don’t—well, I can’t—hide my differences. Differences from the sincere and friendly people who’ve moved into our ward and want to be a part of us.

It’s an interesting dynamic, that social dance we play in church. Last night, we had a book club meeting at my house. I chose “Patchwork Planet” by Anne Tyler, who is one of my favorites. One woman commented about the tendency of modern authors to assume that sex before marriage is a given, citing an incident in the book where the protagonist gets drunk and has sex with a friend.

Amid much tsking and head shaking, my evil twin spoke up “Oh, who hasn’t gotten drunk and slept with a friend once in awhile?”

The funniest expression was on the face of our former diligent Relief Society President’s non-member mother.

That’s how I roll.