Keep ‘em guessin’

I consider myself an active member of the church, but I wonder how others in my ward perceive me. Those who’ve known me for years know that I’m pretty orthodox, a bit flaky, but still…….

I’ve played with the new people, though. Our ward split—actually added area—while Bill and I were separated. I tell new people I’ve been in jail or rehab, that I’m inactive. I don’t—well, I can’t—hide my differences. Differences from the sincere and friendly people who’ve moved into our ward and want to be a part of us. Read more »


I have a few words that I’ve learned in my reading travels that I like to toss out to confuse my less learned friends and to impress others with my great intelligence. Paradigm is one of them. I learned it from a professor. (Oxymoron, dichotomy, ambivalence…..all good words)

So, I’ve had a paradigm shift. In essence, I’ve changed my mind. It happened this week and is more of a spiritual awakening than being convinced intellectually of anything. Totally unsought and unexpected.

It started Saturday afternoon as I thought of those women lining up to attend priesthood. I felt a sudden pang of sisterhood and so much sympathy for them. I’d previously been pissed off at them because I thought this demonstration was crossing a line into open rebellion. I didn’t like that they were, in essence, airing our church’s dirty laundry publicly. Better to do as I do, simmer, and bitch and moan to local authorities ad nauseum. Read more »

No, Seriously. Which Would You Pick?

I have one daughter who watches the tv show “19 and Counting” about the Duggars family. The husband and wife have had 19 children, all by themselves without medical intervention. Yikes! Read more »

Sabbath Shopping

I am to the point in my life where I don’t bother remembering much. I’ll read a book, thoroughly enjoy it and then a year later, pick it up and reread it, not remembering I already read it until the very last chapter. Read more »

What’s the Deal?

It is Friday night and I am watching the tv show 20/20 on ABC. It is a story of a Mormon couple and the husband is a murderer.

Is it just me, or have there been a lot more Mormon husband killers lately? What’s the deal with this?

What’s the Point?

I have a dear friend who is going through hard stuff. Her long-term temple marriage is breaking up. Her soon-to-be ex-husband is messing up their very tight finances with frivolous purchases that are making their bad situation worse. Honestly, she is so tired of the drama, she is looking forward to this being over. Read more »

Does it really matter?

Kirby is on my facebook page, either as a friend or sometimes if famous people have too many friends all you can do is like them. His latest column Why I Remain a Mormon, etc…… was, in my opinion, perfect. I echo his sentiments. I shared it and have noticed it popping up all over facebook, with some criticism of his blase attitude.

One woman said it sounded like he didn’t care if the church was true or not and that wasn’t a selling point to her. Thought about that. Thought “who cares?” Who’s trying to sell anything?

Then I realized, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a testimony sealed with super glue, but prefer our way of worship. It doesn’t matter if you just feel comfortable in the Mormon Church. Well, maybe to your bishop in a recommend interview (which I’m more and more thinking is just a silly process). Read more »

Dumb things I’ve said from the pulpit

One of the most amazing things about our church is that we are expected to preach to each other. As a result, lay people who have no business expounding on anything in public, find themselves in front of a congregation who are waiting to be taught. Read more »

Being a member is like taking chemotherapy

A friend of mine started her conversation with me by saying, “Being a member of this church is like taking chemotherapy. You know you need to it to live, but you hope it doesn’t kill you in the process.” Read more »

Turn the “but” around…….

I taught RS a couple of weeks ago for a friend who was out of town. I used this from Exponent and focused a lot on a couple of quotes from Marjorie Hinckley urging women to accept themselves and to use what works for their family and discard the rest.

I also used the quote from Orson Whitney which Elder Bednar refers to in the latest issue of the Ensign, regarding salvation for wayward children. A dear friend called me asking if I’d seen the article and I said I had, adding I felt prophetic. Then she said it. “But.” And she referred to the caveats Elder Bednar added. She’s a good and kind person who was geniunely delighted that there was something in the Ensign that I’d used. Still, I reacted badly. Read more »

Counting My Blessings

In general, I like to think of myself as a positive person. I am all about “Count Your Many Blessings” (Although I do insist that be done in your own head. Nothing is more annoying that someone actually listing out loud all the ways their life rocks while mine is slowly sucking wind. Keep your joy-joy to yourselves, folks.) Read more »

Mormons in Space

This came up, in a round-about way, on a sci-fi discussion list I’m on.

Now, I’ve always assumed/dreamed/hoped that (assuming the Second Coming doesn’t come first) some day we’ll start colonizing other planets.  As part of that, I’ve always had a little dream of a Mormon Planet – called either Zion or Deseret, I’m sure.


What would happen if our intrepid pioneers made planetfall and then lost contact?  Truly, completely cut off – the wormhole that leads to their system has collapsed, for example.  (Assuming that immediate survival is not at issue, because that’s clearly a different discussion.)

My prediction is that they’d immediately print out copies of the scriptures, plans for the printing press, recipes for paper and ink.  They’d probably have already organized into a branch at least so they’d keep with that organization until it was clear (or God prompted someone) that contact was not going to be re-established.  At that point, a new Prophet and Apostles would be called.

Because hey, starting from scratch in the wilderness with help inaccessible is not new to us.

How do you think they’d handle it?

We are Weird

While sitting in Sunday School this morning as my class discussed the prophet Abraham, it occurred to me that we are a bunch of weirdos. We believe some seriously crazy stuff. Read more »

“We Were Not Lucky Children”

Heather Young, aka our LIZ has written and self published her memoirs—–only took her 10+ years :). You can get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble; it’s “Ezra And Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty.”

“We were not lucky children and I didn’t know why” she writes as she tells her story of being born to handicapped parents (her father was developmentally challenged with a low IQ and her mother was a paranoid schizophrenic who was convinced she’d been born on a planet called LaMordia). She, then called Hadassah, and her older brother, Ezra were named after biblical royalty because their mother wanted them to have names befitting their importance as half LaMordian and half earthling. Read more »

Law & Order, Book of Mormon Style

As a teenager, I had no interest in reading the Book of Mormon, which was silly because I was a voracious reader of every other book. When I finally got around to it, I was relieved it wasn’t nearly as boring as I expected. In fact, some parts were downright interesting. Read more »

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Senior Missionary Couples

I have a friend who hates tithing settlement with her bishop because every year he asks when she and her husband are going to go on a church mission. Read more »

Drama in the Temple: Thumbs Down

I’m probably a day late and a dollar short with this; oh, well. Bill and I haven’t been to the temple since the movie change, to our shame, so last week we drove to St. George, checked into our favorite little motel and headed out.

I love the cleanliness, light and peace of the temple. I feel weight leaving my shoulders as I enter and breathe easier. I was excited and alert as the movie began….then I began to figuratively shake my head in dismay. To quote some valley girl “I was, like, what??” I felt an urge to snicker at the over-acting and I hated the dark tone of the whole thing. The filming, I mean, it’s not beautiful and light in the places where I think it should be and I miss the live shots of the earth. Read more »

Book Review: The Burnout Cure, by Julie de Azevedo-Hanks

We’ve come a long way, baby, we Mormon women. I didn’t agree that wearing pants to church was a good way to make a point, but I do agree that progress needed to be made.

I see a lot of young women, though, who are putting the burden of perfection upon themselves to the breaking point. Sometimes they break with the church but more often they break with themselves. Read more »

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An Unlikely Mormon

I spent the first seven years of my life in foster care. For lots of reasons that I can’t explain in a single paragraph, my brother and I were adopted by a Mormon family when Rex was nine and I was seven years-old. Actually, my story is complicated enough I wrote a book about it. Here are a few paragraphs on how I became a Mormon: Read more »


Happy New Year! It’s time for me to start 2014 right. Yes, it is time for me to air my first Mormon pet peeve of the year. Here the focus of my irritation:
Arizona YSA Conference Read more »

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